Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya

(A multi-faculty college affiliated to Vidyasagar University and funded by UGC & Govt. of W.B.)
Vill. & P.O.-Kapgari: Dist.-Jhargram (W.B.): Pin.–721 505

Our Core Values



Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya piously upholds the value of ‘tapasya’ or ‘devotion’. We believe that imparting knowledge and education to the students is the noblest form of vocation and that can only be done successfully through sincere devotion to the vocation.

সেবা (Service)

Service for the poor and the underprivileged section of the society is our motto. Eradication of poverty and formation of an ideal, inclusive, and equitable society is the top priority of the college. We serve the community through diverse forms of activities and work towards the betterment of the society.


We believe learning is a lifelong process; it neither ends with the achievement of the academic degree nor is it confined within the four walls of the campus. We inculcate the message of the importance of continuous learning, personal growth, and development throughout life among the students to make them happy and successful in life.